The US Gets Its Own Hack Proof Quantum Network

The Fanatical Futurist published a recent article by Matthew Griffen that explains why it matters to the US to advance the future development of quantum technologies. The article explains that China is already making progress with the US is close behind. 

Pioneering unbreakable encryption, Quantum Xchange is currently working on a deal to access about 500 miles of fiber optic cable along the East coast to create the first-of-its-kind Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) network. The QKD approach works by sending an encoded message in classical bits then decodes keys in the form of quantum bits or qubits. In this method, photons, travel along the fiber optic cables and any attempts to hack on a qubit will immediately destroy the delicate quantum state leaving signs of intrusion.

The proposed quantum network will extend from New York City to New Jersey to allow banks and other data-sensitive businesses to ship information between the two locations securely. Using quantum keys, similar to internet repeaters to boost signals in a standard data cable, requires the use of trusted nodes which Quantum Xchange will have 13 along the proposed quantum network using its Phio TX. Like any new technology, challenges exist and test beds and science labs are critical to the success and advancement of quantum computing.

Read the full article: A year after China beat it the US is getting its own hackproof quantum network


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