What Does Quantum Encryption Need For Real Security?

Is there such a thing as “quantum proof” in the encryption vernacular? A recent article by Wayne Rash at eWeek, answers that question. With the emergence of quantum computing, computational operations can be performed faster than any binary computer available today. In a race for quantum supremacy, China and other countries pursue the most powerful and secure computer encryptions systems.

As an answer to the hacker risk, Quantum Xchange, a quantum communication technology company is expanding operations to the New York City area and eventually down the East coast with the first quantum network of its kind. Using the first and only quantum key distribution network in the United States, Quantum Xchange uses the laws of quantum mechanics as a solution to unbreakable encryption.

Quantum physics makes it possible to detect when a photon has been observed by anyone other than the sender or recipient. It is likely, ordinary hackers can’t afford the technology to crack quantum resistant encryption, but national governments like China can. IT departments need to begin taking steps to protect information using quantum resistant encryption and quantum key distribution.

Read the full article:  Why Quantum-Resistant Encryption Needs Quantum Key Distribution for Real Security



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