Fully-Managed Quantum Risk Mitigation

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Quantum Xchange offers the Phio fiber network and its supporting hardware – Phio QK and Phio TX – as a managed service. Depending on the capability and level of security you need, we will build a custom solution for your business and run it for you.

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Phio QK, our Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology, leverages the properties of quantum mechanics – specifically photons – to produce an unbreakable key so you can transmit data securely from one point to another. When combined with Phio TX, our QKD offering makes unbreakable key exchange possible for commercial organizations – and we’re the only company providing point-to-multi point transmissions across any distance.

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The patent-pending, out-of-band key delivery technology that enables point-to-multi-point quantum key or TLS transmissions across any distance. With Phio TX, you can evaluate your risk tolerance and choose the level of protection you need: advanced end-to-end protection (traditional crypto with Phio TX out-of-band key delivery); quantum cryptography via QKD; or a combination of both – all resistant to quantum attack.

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Phio Fiber Network

We can provide you access to 1,000 kilometers of existing optical fiber and 19 co-location centers along the Boston to Washington route, including key connections to the financial markets on Wall Street with back office operations in New Jersey. Although we manage the QKD fiber network, you (the customer) retain absolute control and visibility over your encryption keys and critical data using the Quantum Xchange fiber quantum network.

How Phio Managed Services Work

You have the option of choosing all three options or just one or two. For the ultimate solution in fully securing your communications, combine Phio QK – the first viable QKD solution – with Phio TX – the revolutionary technology that allows you to extend the distance of QKD while fortifying your existing encryption hardware and making it quantum proof.

Organizations need a dynamic, crypto-agile, encryption infrastructure to stay ahead of a growing number of increasingly sophisticated threats and harvesting attacks, new data privacy regulations, and the movement of data to and from the cloud. Our managed services give you that flexibility to provide what you need, when you need it, with the ability to achieve quantum readiness. Let our experts do the work and leave you with the peace-of-mind that you’re postured for the arrival of quantum computers.

Wherever you are on your journey toward quantum readiness, Quantum Xchange will make sure you get there securely.
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CIO Buyer’s Guide for Quantum-Proof Communication

As the prospect of quantum computing draws closer, so too does the threat that quantum computers pose for our current mathematically-based encryption methods. Don’t wait to safeguard your data! Learn how quantum-safe key distribution including QKD can bolster your existing encryption in this Buyer’s Guide. We explain what QKD is, why it matters, how to extend QKD using point-to-multipoint key transmissions, and how easy it is to implement a quantum-safe key transmission system into your existing infrastructure, preparing you for the post-quantum era.

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