Quantum Xchange Joins Hudson Institute’s Quantum Alliance to Establish Standards for Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum Random Number Generator Technologies

BETHESDA, Md.–Quantum Xchange, provider of the first quantum key distribution (QKD) network in the U.S., today announced its participation in the Hudson Institute’s Quantum Alliance Initiative (QAI) to recommend global standards for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) technologies. The consortium of 18 companies, universities and entities from eight countries endeavors to foster more urgency among the cybersecurity industry to establish necessary standards for securing quantum communication.

In December 2018, the group developed the first proposal of global recommendations for QKD and QRNG technologies. Each member of the QAI, including Quantum Xchange, has voluntarily adopted these standards and will join the Hudson Institute to present the recommendations at the International Telecommunications Union’s Telecommunication Standardization Section (ITU-T) meeting in Geneva, scheduled for Jan. 22-30, 2019.

Dr. Arthur Herman, The New York Times bestselling author, Pulitzer Prize Finalist historian, and Director of the QAI, shared in a release, “The recommendations mark a major success for the Quantum Alliance Initiative and its members. As one of the first occasions that these standards have been addressed by the international standards community, this is a key advancement for quantum information technology and the industry.”

“We fully stand behind the Hudson Institute’s mission to develop policies that support the United States and our allies in becoming global quantum technology leaders,” said John Prisco, President and CEO of Quantum Xchange. “Advancements in QKD and QRNG technologies will be crucial to the future of quantum communications, and we look forward to continued participation in the QAI and collaborating with fellow members to promote quantum policies and standards.”

This work in quantum technology stems from the inevitable impact that achievements in quantum computing will have on national security and the economy. As such, quantum computing and quantum security must be viewed holistically and through a strategic security lens. Quantum Xchange recognized early that defensive quantum technologies were being largely ignored by technology heavyweights focused on the race for quantum computer supremacy. The company’s innovative approach to solving the inherent challenges of modern-day encryption, combined with early market status, and the backing of advisors like Dr. Whitfield Diffie, who’s support demonstrates Quantum Xchange’s potential impact on the industry, positions Quantum Xchange to be a valuable and contributing member of the QAI.

Quantum Xchange’s QKD service, Phio, enables organizations to send unbreakable encryption keys over any distance and extends the life of existing encryption investments through its quantum communications technology. As the first quantum-secured network in the U.S., Phio leverages the properties of quantum mechanics to transmit and receive quantum cryptographic keys between entities. The solution is not weakened by quantum computing, mathematical discoveries, or massive parallel computing networks. Additionally, Phio does not replace public-key encryption (PKE), rather, it allows organizations to secure their current networks using symmetric keys that can be trusted and uses quantum physics to detect anyone intruding on a transmission. Finally, any attempt of harvesting attacks today, to be deciphered later with a quantum computer, will be rendered useless. The first leg of the QKD network, connecting New York City to New Jersey, has been operational and accepting customers since November 2018.

For more information about Quantum Xchange, please visit https://quantumxc.com/.

About Quantum Xchange

As a provider of quantum encryption and secure communications, Quantum Xchange gives commercial enterprises and government agencies the ultimate defense to keep high-value data safe – today, tomorrow and in the future. Offering the first and only quantum-secured network in the United States, Quantum Xchange enables organizations to send infinitely secured data over long distances using the laws of quantum physics. Leveraging the proven secure Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) method and its own exclusive Trusted Node technology for unlimited point-to-point distances, Phio by Quantum Xchange addresses the shortcomings inherent with modern-day encryption: the ability for keys to be intercepted, corrupted or exposed during transmission, and the imminent threat of quantum computers. To learn more about the future of security realized today, visit QuantumXC.com or follow us on Twitter @Quantum_Xchange.



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