Retired U.S. Army Colonel and Medal of Honor Recipient Jack H. Jacobs Joins Quantum Xchange’s Advisory Board

 BETHESDA, Md. – Feb. 22, 2021 – Quantum Xchange, a leader in quantum-safe products and services for crypto agility and quantum readiness, today announced that Jack H. Jacobs has joined the company’s advisory board. Jacobs is a retired colonel in the United States Army and a Medal of Honor recipient for his actions during the Vietnam War. He serves as a military analyst for NBC News and MSNBC and previously worked as an investment manager.

After retiring in 1987 from a highly acclaimed military career where he earned three Bronze Stars, two Silver Stars and the beforementioned Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest combat decoration, Jacobs began a successful career in investment banking holding Managing Director positions at Bankers Trust, and subsequently, Lehman Brothers. His memoir, “If Not Now, When? Duty and Sacrifice in America’s Time of Need” won the 2010 Colby Award. Jacobs has also held faculty positions at the U.S. Military Academy and the National War College and was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2016 for his contributions to society and the world beyond.

“We are delighted to welcome Jack Jacobs to Quantum Xchange’s board of advisors,” said Eddy Zervigon, CEO of Quantum Xchange. “Jack’s impressive career as both a military commander and business leader will be extremely valuable to the company as we work to educate, partner, and sell our quantum-safe security to leading commercial enterprises and government agencies. Jack’s first-hand national security experience will help direct our efforts to shape U.S. policy on quantum information science and win the Sputnik-like race for quantum dominance against our adversaries.”

Advancements in emerging technologies like quantum information science, are considered critical to the country’s national security position, including military, intelligence, and economic interest. The power of a quantum computer will bring tremendous commercial, scientific, and social breakthroughs but are also fraught with the potential for nefarious use. To remain competitive and safeguarded from the risks associated with global advances is computing and mathematics, the U.S. must prioritize the development of quantum computers while also increasing its ability to defend against them. Quantum Xchange makes this easy with its groundbreaking Phio Trusted Xchange (TX) key distribution system – that allows organizations to dramatically enhance the security of their existing crypto environment and be quantum-ready for the cyberattacks of tomorrow.

Jacobs’s advisory role is the latest in a series of announcements made by Quantum Xchange illustrating high-profile interest in the company and its innovative approach to future-proofing the security of data by helping organizations easily prepare for the quantum age and Q-Day – when a quantum computer breaks the encryption standards that protect most of our digital world and national secrets. This includes the recent appointment of John N. Stewart, former Senior Vice President and Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cisco to the Quantum Xchange board of directors, an initial close on $13.5 million in Series A financing, and the appointment of new leadership to the roles of CEO, CFO and CTO.

About Quantum Xchange

Quantum Xchange gives commercial enterprises and government agencies the ultimate solution for protecting data in motion. Its key distribution system, Phio Trusted Xchange (TX), is uniquely capable of making existing encryption keys quantum safe and supports both post-quantum crypto (PQC) and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) for true crypto agility and quantum readiness. With Phio TX’s dynamic security infrastructure in place, organizations can enhance their existing encryption environment, meet evolving data security and privacy requirements, select the level of protection needed based on their risk tolerance, and if desired seamlessly scale to QKD at any time, across any distance, between multiple transmission points. To learn more about being quantum-safe today and quantum-ready for tomorrow’s threats, visit or follow us on Twitter @Quantum_Xchange #BeQuantumSafe.

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