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About Quantum Xchange

Quantum Xchange saw the opportunity to bring QKD out of the lab and into a commercial, enterprise setting. To do so, it had to solve QKD’s distance limitations, reliability problems, and point-to-point only transmission capabilities.  With the introduction of Phio Trusted Xchange (Phio TX), Quantum Xchange supports both WAN networking through point-to-multipoint communications and long-haul networking by extending QKD across unlimited distances. By overcoming these two barriers that have hindered QKD’s commercial use, Quantum Xchange is a true industry trailblazer and several years ahead of any other offering.

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Awards & Recognition

As the first and only provider of quantum key distribution in the United States, our innovative approach to securing communications hasn’t gone unnoticed. We are proud of our achievements in this groundbreaking industry.

Meet Our Team

John Prisco
CEO and President

Hal Chapel

Gene Savchuk

Gary Benedetti
EVP of Sales

Stacey Sweeney

April Burghardt
VP of Corporate Communications

Don Manley
Vice President Business Development – Strategic Partnerships

Advisory Board

Dr. Whitfield Diffie

Dr. James Cash

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