Building Quantum-proof Communication

In a recent discussion, Cliff Holt, Senior Editor of SciTech Europa talks with John Prisco, Quantum Xchange CEO about the challenges and opportunities presented by quantum computing and the role quantum key distribution will have moving forward. Using the laws of quantum physics, the future of unbreakable quantum keys will enable organizations to send protected data over any distance without interference.

Leading the way, Quantum Xchange is the first and only quantum-secured network in the United States. Prisco went on to say that securing the channel for critical communication is possible over any distance using quantum protected keys. To illustrate the power of quantum computing, Prisco explains that it would take billions of years to break the current keys that are used in RSA-2048 encryption. However, because a quantum computer is much faster it could break the key in about a minute. 

When asked, Prisco noted the USA was in no better position with quantum computing than the rest of the world. With the 2018 Quantum Initiative Act, there are now three government agencies involved to explore the future potential of quantum computing. There is additional investment in the technology, but not enough compared to China’s progress who has launched a huge development campaign on quantum technology. Prisco explains the USA is currently doing two things: quantum computers and post-quantum cryptographic algorithms.

With expansion in mind, Quantum Xchange’s quantum network already has 800 km of fiber optic cable that will connect Boston to New York to Philadelphia to Washington DC. With 15 data centers along the way, the goal is to expand to the mid-west and eventually to the West coast to create a nationwide quantum network within the next two years.

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