Prepare for Quantum Protection

In a recently featured article from the Journal of Cyber Policy, staff writer Hugh Taylor delves into the quantum computer security perspective where quantum computers build anticipation for cybersecurity entrepreneurs and computer scientists alike.  With an array of physical and logistical challenges, practical quantum computing could be ten years away and when the moment occurs, things will never be the same.

Quantum security networks are already in motion. According to Quantum Xchange’s CEO, John Prisco, “You can only send a quantum key about 100 kilometers before it has to be regenerated.” To solve the problem, Prisco and his team came up with the trusted node approach, based on technology developed at Battelle Labs.

Quantum computing is worth innovation and investment. Like a city skyline, the future is in the effort and plan to prepare for what’s ahead.

Read the full article: Preparing for Quantum Defense


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