Security Startup Quantum Xchange Promises Unbreakable Quantum-Safe Encryption

Quantum Xchange Raises $10 Million, Launches Quantum Key Distribution Service

June 26, 2018

SecurityWeek, Kevin Townsend

Newton, MA-based start-up Quantum Xchange has announced $10 Million Series A funding from New Technology Ventures, and the launch of the first commercial quantum key distribution (QKD) service in the U.S. The funding will support the deployment of a fiber network serving the Northeast Corridor from Washington D.C. to Boston, connecting the financial markets on Wall Street with back office operations in New Jersey.

The business premise is simple. The budding arrival of quantum computers will make current strong public key encryption immensely weak. Where current computing power would take too long or too many computers to make factoring large numbers feasible, one quantum computer could factor current public key lengths in a matter of minutes. Public key encryption will not provide security against quantum computers.

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