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Boost Your Quantum Literacy, Set a Plan, Take Action.

With more people online than ever before – causing enterprise security to move into the home – companies must balance the demand to make data more useful, while adhering to increased regulatory requirements. This will force companies to change their data transfer practices and adopt more advanced, future-proof data security methods like quantum-based PQC and/or QKD encryption.

If you’re a cybersecurity professional, especially those responsible for the security of long-duration data, we encourage you to improve your quantum literacy, set an organizational plan for quantum readiness, and take action. 

Where do I start?

The first step is to determine your baseline quantum IQ. Take this 2-minute assessment to calculate your knowledge of a post-quantum world and its potential impact on the security of your communications infrastructure and critical data.

What’s My Ultimate Goal?

By improving your quantum literacy, you will be able to serve as a steward of change within your organization – conveying to leadership the severity and immediacy of the quantum security threat. Faced with competing priorities, they may otherwise fail to understand why this issue deserves immediate attention and investment.

How Can Quantum Xchange Help?

We’re here to help take the fear, anxiety and complexity out of post-quantum security planning. No matter which path you choose, or when you begin your journey toward quantum readiness, Quantum Xchange is there to be your trusted partner for protecting data in motion now and in the quantum future. In addition to our award-winning products and services, we’ve created a robust library of educational materials to get you quickly up to speed on quantum security approaches, best practices, and recommended next steps. 

Test Your Quantum Knowledge

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